Durable Type of Door & Window – Storm Impact Doors & Windows

Storm doors are usually the second line of defense for a home or business against the damaging effects of harsh weather. In the past, these were not seen very often, but today, they are more prevalent. Storm doors are specially constructed exterior and interior windows to keep out the precipitation, snow, hail, wind, ice, rain, and other weather elements. There are several types of these windows available today, including vertical, casement, and sliding. Here is some basic information on these window types.

Windows can be either permanently or temporarily installed. Temporary installations include weather stripping to hold the window in place and mounting the window in a temporary frame with a weather-stripping liner. Windows that are permanently installed can be either permanent or temporary and can come in various types of materials from rigid to flexible. These windows are designed to keep out rain, snow, hail, wind, ice, and any other weather element that can cause damage to a home or business. Storm doors are also designed with weather-stripping to ensure the windows stay open. Storm doors may be designed to open as wide as the window, or closed for privacy. These are great for businesses that require a lot of sunlight to get their doors opened or closed.

Casement windows are typically windows located in a home or office that opens out or inwards, like a bay window. Casement windows may also be designed with wind-blocking frames with weather-stripping and have a partial or full swing or opening on the window. They can either be permanent or temporary, and come in many different types of materials from rigid to flexible. Casement windows allow for the best combination of weather-proofing and light-blocking.

Sliding windows are normally the first line of defense for a home or business when it comes to keeping the exterior of a building free of precipitation and snow, hail, sleet, ice, and rain. Sliding windows can either be permanent or temporary and come in a variety of types and materials. Sliding doors can either swing outward or inward, allowing for air flow through the doors while being sealed against the cold outside elements. Sliding doors are often also designed to lock to help keep a door closed.

Sliding windows can be installed either permanently in a frame of a home or office or partially in or partially out of an existing window frame. Sliding doors have a sliding mechanism to allow for the sliding motion. They can either be rigid or flexible and are typically constructed from a plastic or metal that will hold the door in place. Sliding doors are great for homes and businesses that have large expanses of space to install them. Sliding windows are also great if the window is already in need of repair or has been damaged.

Hurricane windows and storm doors can all be replaced, repaired, or purchased as a complete package. When buying a replacement, repair, or installation, be sure to take into consideration all of your needs and preferences. A reputable window company will have all of your options covered. Whether your storm doors or storm windows need replacement, window replacement, or repair, a good window company will have all the information to help you make the right choice.

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