Boat Detailing Prices

Every year, there are almost 300,000 brand new boats manufactured and sold nationwide. The boating industry hasn’t remained as popular in the United States over the years. However, if properly maintained, your boat should look great and last quite a long while. One aspect of proper boating maintenance is mobile detailing.

Boat detailing usually involves more than just the inside of the boat. There is also exterior work that needs to be done. Whether it is waxing the outside of the boat, cleaning the boat’s interiors, polishing the boat’s finish, or restoring the boat’s hull, exterior detailing is necessary to protect the boat’s exterior from cracking and staining. There are a number of services available to help you maintain the pristine condition of your boat’s exterior.

Many boat detailing services offer a full range of services including deep cleaning, strip down services, waxing, and much more. You can find a company that offers a complete set of services that include everything from removing hard water deposits, cleaning the boat floor, polishing the boat surface, and restoring the boat’s exterior to applying a wax coating. You can often find a company that offers more than just the services mentioned above, including deep cleaning, floor cleaning, and a variety of vinyl treatments. You can get an estimate on all of these services by simply asking the company you are interested in doing business with.

Another service that is offered by many professional boat detailing companies is ultraviolet (UV) waxing. This type of waxing is used to protect a boat’s finish from fading due to the sun, protecting the metal and the finish from rusting or chipping. UV wax can also be used for cosmetic purposes, as it leaves a beautiful sheen to the surface of your boat.

If you would like to do some additional home improvements on your boat, the company that you hire for boat detailing may be able to help. If you want to have the windows cleaned or the floors refinished or repainted, you can arrange this with a professional cleaner. The same can be said if you need to do some minor mechanical work on your boat. You can also arrange for oil changes or other maintenance services on your boat. A professional boat detailer can make any necessary modifications to your vessel without your needing to know about it.

Boat detailing costs vary, depending on the company you choose and the services that are offered. Do some research to find out what you can expect to pay per foot for each job, as this will help you determine what you can afford. Professional cleaners should quote you a price based on a standard, comprehensive job. You can often get an idea of what you will pay per foot by looking at the prices charged by other similar businesses. For more details visit

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